Power Trowel Everyday S60H

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Concrete Power Trowel

Power Trowel Everyday S60H


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Specification Power Trowel Everyday S60H

Type S100H

Engine Model Honda GX160

Power 5.5 hp

Trowel Diameter (mm) 570

Pitch Range (◦) 0 - 15

Speed ​​Range (rpm) 60 - 100

Weight (kg) 56

Dimension (mm) 870 x 660 x 740

Power Trowel Everyday S60H is a refining machine on concrete surfaces, commonly used to smooth the floor surfaces of buildings to parking zones. Equipped with honda GX160 engine that moves the blade with the aim of smoothing the surface of the concrete. The operator sits above the power trowel and operates by moving the lever. Using gasoline fuel so it is suitable to be used in a place away from power source.

And as for general understanding Concrete trowel machine or concrete power trowel is a tool or machine used to smooth and smooth the surface of concrete that is still in the process of hardening.

The trowel machine has a base composed of several leaf steel plates that can spin and smooth the surface of the concrete. Surface finish with trowel machine is stronger and more durable than handwork. This trowel machine is also used to smooth / sand / smooth the surface of the floor andhesit or other hard rock.

When compared with the process of smoothing the surface of the concrete by hand, the use of trowel machine is capable of producing a stronger concrete surface, durable, and neat. Especially for large areas such as parking areas, warehouses, and factories, the use of this trowel machine will save labor and also time of work. Blade trowel on the trowel machine has a speed up to 100 rpm making the process of smoothing the surface of the cast floor becomes faster.

This level of smoothing or smoothing of the cast surface also needs to be done carefully to avoid wavy surfaces. The wavy surface appears due to the thickness of the different layers. The bumpy surface will be noticeable especially in large areas such as the construction of factories or warehouses.

Again the use of a trowel machine can be a solution to get a flat surface cast entirely and without waves. The stability of engine motion and engine speed make the leveling level capable of producing a completely flat surface. This trowel machine becomes a solution for construction construction especially to get a flat cast surface, smooth, strong and quality.

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