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Mini Excavators JH22
Mini Excavators JH22
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Mini Excavator JH-22 JIAHE


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Specifications of Mini Excavator JH-22 JIAHE

Bucket Capacity (m3): 0.1
Swing Speed ​​(rpm): 0-12
Gradeability (o): 30
Max. Bucket Digging Force (KN): 10 - 32
Max. Arm Digging Force (KN): 9.3
Engine Model: LL385B
Power / Revolution Speed: 22.1KW / 2300rpm
System Pressure (MPa): 20

Machine Size
Dimension (mm): 4080 X 1300 X 2280
Cabin Height (mm): 2280
Sprocket Idler (mm): 1260
Wheel (Track) Gauge (mm): 1050
Min. Ground Clearance (mm): 230
Tail Swing Radius (mm): 1260
Working Range
Max. Digging Height (mm): 3700
Max. Dumping Height (mm): 2290
Max. Digging Depth (mm): 2450
Max. Vertical Digging Depth (mm): 2280
Max. Digging Radius (mm): 4370
Min. Swing Radius (mm): 2015
Max. Dozer Blade Lifting Distance (mm): 240
Max. Dozer Blade Cutting Distance (mm): 310
Swing Swing Angle Left (o): 70
Swing Swing Angle Right (o): 50

JH-22 Mini Excavator is one of the types of heavy equipment that is often found in several places. This tool is divided into several parts, namely the arm (arm) shoulder (boom) and the dredger (bucket). Although it has the most important benefits as a digging tool, excavators are popular as one of the all-purpose heavy equipment that can be used to do various other jobs. Almost every place of development, we see this tool. In fact, we can see this tool even though it is not in a building, such as in plantations, river cleaning, excavation and site management. Apart from that, this mini excavator can be used for trenching and road access in oil palm plantations. Although it has a mini size, but the ability of this excavator can be so large that for some countries, excavators are used as heavy equipment for the manufacture of highways. Excavators have a mini size that will be so useful to do work in locations that cannot be entered by an excavator with normal size.

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