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Excavator Auger AUG-JH
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Auger Excavators AUG-JH JIAHE


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Excavators  Auger AUG-JH JIAHE


Auger Diameter

300 mm

Compatible for Excavator

1.5-3 Ton

Core Auger Diameter

65 mm

Hydraulic Oil Flow

20-70 L/min

Max. Torque

2510 Nm


60-238 bar

AUG-JH Breaker Excavator is one of the Attachments on an excavator. Excavaor is divided into several parts, namely shoulder (boom) and dredge (bucket) arms. Although it has the most important benefits as a digging tool, excavators are popular as one of the all-purpose heavy equipment that can be used to do various other jobs. Almost every place of development, we see this tool. In fact, we can see this tool even though it is not in a building, such as in plantations, river cleaning, excavation and site management. Mini Exacavator has various attachments according to needs, commonly used are Breaker and Auger. Auger is used to dig or punch holes in the ground. An Auger Excavator AUG-JH which is a drilling tool which usually includes a rotating helical screw blade to act as a screw conveyor to release the drilled material. Blade rotation causes material to come out of drilled holes.

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