PT. Getar Gemilang Sakti

Alat Pemadat Aspal Stamper

Stamper compactor stamper machine is one of the construction tools used for compacting landfills or cohesive native land that is usually used in the process of paving the highway, building or home construction, compacting the yard and for other compaction.

This machine has 2 different types namely Horse stamper (tamping rammer) and Stamper Frog (plate compactor), in addition to being different from the shape, which distinguishes the next namely from the direction of motion. The Stamper Horse has the direction of movement up and down, while the Frog stamper moves back and forth. The way it works is operated manually by the operator (human) with a vibrator machine. And the fuel used for this engine is gasoline or diesel depending on the type of engine. We provide and sell cheap stamper in Jakarta, for reservations please contact us directly.

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