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Concrete MachinePlaster Spray Machine
Cheapest Worm Pump
The Cheapest Worm Pump is a machine / tool used to distribute fresh plaster concrete mixture / dough to the wall plestering and Grouting work on a multi-storey building construction, such as Vertical Pump.Jakarta worm pump distributor

As one of the road construction tools, it is certain that you have to buy the cheapest, reliable Worm Pump in order to guarantee quality and make sure the products you buy are certified to be accountablePT. Getar Gemilang Sakti, a company engaged in the distributor of Jakarta worm pump distributor, find our best products.Plaster Machine / Worm Pump Baoma P60JK is a construction machine that is used as a concrete plaster and is equipped with an air compressor. This type of plaster machine is suitable for pumping and spraying wet mortars with grain sizes up to 6 mm. Cement is put into a mixer and then sprayed with the help of wind produced from an air compressor. The operator only needs to aim the nozzle at the wall, so that the sprayed cement is directly attached to the wall.
We sell plaster machines at low prices with quality and guaranteed quality. We also provide a variety of other industrial machines.P60JK BAOMA Specifications
Air Compressor: Include
Screw Motor: 3~, 4.5/5.5 kW – 380 V
Mixing Motor Power: 3~, 3 kW
Max. Working Preassure: 40 bar
Max. Delivery Heigh: 60 meter
Grain Size: < 6 mm
Hopper Volume: 120 Liter
Output: 40 L/min
Weight: 430 kg
Dimension: 2370 X 850 X 1300 mm

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