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Hand Drill Machine11 VC GSH BOSCH
SpecificationType GSH 11 VC
Measured power input: 1700 W
Punch speed: 1700 bpm
Power: 23 J
SDS Max tool holder
Cordless weight: 11.4 kgBOSCH GSH 11 VC is a professional machine tool in the form of a demolition hammer for punching or destroying walls, concrete materials, concrete, etc., making it suitable for the construction industry and other professional needs. Bosch GSH 11 VC, is designed with processional quality and reliability and is designed with a design that continues to prioritize user comfort. The handle is equipped with foam padding or rubber that can minimize the vibration effect from the engine to the hand.The overall engine weight is around 11.4 kg. This drilling machine is designed to produce a strong pounding but with minimal back vibration so as to reduce the load on the arm. This allows the machine to be used for a long time without overloading or making the arm feel tired. BOSCH GSH 11 VC has a power of 1700W with a speed or force of 850 - 1700 bpm and a large energy up to 23 J.

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