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BOSCH 5-40 D
BOSCH 5-40 D
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Specification of

Hand Drill MachineBOSCH 5-40 DSpecificationType GBH 5-40 D
Measured power input: 1100 W
Speed ​​but Load: 340 rpm
Power: 8.5 J
Max. dia.bor pd. concrete: 40 mm
Min. dia.bor pd. concrete: 12 mm
Opt.dia.bor pd.beton: 34 mm
Weight: 6.8 kg


Bosch GBH5-40D 5 kg Rotary Hammer Drilling Machine with drilling 30% faster and 50% greater impact energy than its predecessor GBH5-38D type. Perfect and balanced control for all applications. Has the dustproof construction for the longest age in its class with chisel functions for universal applications. Setting the speed and impact rate for optimum performance is equipped with electronic constants and 6 speed adjustments. Having Vario-lock for tool position locking 12 different positions.

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