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BOSCH 16-30
BOSCH 16-30
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Specification of

Hand Drill MachineBOSCH 16-30
SpecificationType GSH 16-30
Measured power input: 1750 W
Punch speed: 1300 bpm
Power: 45 J
Tool holder: 30 mm hex
Cordless weight: 16 kgThe latest Demolition hammer engine from Bosch with a power per pound of 45 Joules and a 1750 watt motor, provides the best strength in the hardest concrete. GSH 16 provides more than 40% destruction compared to other brands of classmates. The Vibration Control technology developed by Bosch, not only reduces vibration that avoids health, but also provides longer operating time, and comfortable working. With all these advantages, the GSH 16 Demolition Hammer engine is capable of carrying out destruction of up to 13 tons per day.

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