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Iron Cutting Machine

Bar Cutter Takashi TK 32, TK 42


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Specifications Bar Cutter Takashi TK 32, TK 42

TYPE TK 32, TK42
Max Cutting Diameter : 25 mm, 32 mm
Motor : 2kW, 4kW
Height : 965 mm, 1089 mm
Lenght : 545 mm, 580 mm
Width : 560 mm, 655 mm
Weight : 500 kg, 720 mm

Bar Cutter is a reinforcing steel cutting tool as needed. There are two types of Bar cutter, the manual version and the electric version. The use of electric Cutter Bars is more advantageous because it can cut reinforcing iron with a large diameter and high quality, so that it will speed up the processing time. The dimensions of the maximum diameter of the reinforcing steel cut are 32 mm.

The bar cutter works by inserting the steel to be cut into the bar cutter's teeth, then the controller pedal is stepped on. After a few seconds the reinforcing steel will be cut. In cutting large steel reinforcement is carried out one by one. Whereas in the reinforcing iron small diameter cutting can be carried out by several fruits according to the capacity of the tool. When using a Bar cutter need to be considered, so as not to endanger the safety of workers.

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