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Bar BenderBAR BENDER SECONDHAND RECONDITIONInformation:Tel: 021 - 25684894 (PT Getar Gemilang Sakti)
Tlp Hp: 081318900569 (Jun)
Web: /
Input Power: 380V / 3 phase / 2.2Kw
Condition: Second Recondition 90%
The bender bar is a tool used to bend the reinforcing steel in a variety of angles according to planning or needs. This tool works by inserting steel to be bent by placing it between the compressive axle and the bending axle. The angle is then adjusted according to the desired bent angle, as well as the length of the bending. In the bending process of the tip of the reinforcement, the bending axle is held with a bending lock. Then press the pedal, so that the bending wheel will rotate according to the desired angle and bending. The bender bar can adjust the bending angle easily and neatly.In practice Bar bender has bending limits of reinforcing steel with a maximum diameter of 32 mm. When using it need to note the circumstances and conditions around it. Surely there will be many other workers who are in the field. By placing the bending location near the generator set, make the area somewhat dangerous if not careful when passing through the Bar bender area. The occurrence of accidents when bending of iron reinforcement to workers as they pass through the area makes evaluation for project work using Bar bender.In addition to Bar bender, there is also a Bar Cutter cutter steel cutter tool in accordance with the needs. There are two kinds of Bar cutter, which is manual version and electric version. Use of electric Cutter Bar is more advantageous because it can cut reinforcement steel with large diameter and high quality, so it will further accelerate the workmanship time. The dimension of the maximum diameter of the cutting steel is 32 mm.Bar cutter works by inserting the steel to be cut into the cutter's tooth, then the pedal controls on foot. The time interval of a few seconds of reinforcing steel will be cut off. On large steel reinforcement cuts are done one by one. While on the small diameter reinforcing steel cutting can be done several pieces in accordance with the capacity of the tool. At the time of using the Bar cutter it is worth noting, so as not to endanger the safety of the workers.

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