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Bar Bender Takashi TB 32 TB 42
Bar Bender Takashi TB 32 TB 42
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Specification of Bar Bender Takashi TB 32 TB 42

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Bar Bender Takashi TB 32, TB 42


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Bar Bender Takashi TB 32, TB 42

TYPE TB 32, TB 42
Max Bending Diameter : 25 mm, 32 mm
motor  : 3 kW, 4 kW
Working Height : 780 mm, 778 mm
Height : 890 mm, 920 mm
Lenght : 950 mm, 1070 mm
Width : 850 mm, 990 mm
Weight : 480 kg, 720 mm

Bar bender is a tool used to bend reinforcing steel in various angles according to planning or needs. This tool works by inserting the steel that will be bent by placing it between the compression shaft and the bending shaft. Then the angle is adjusted according to the desired bent angle, and the bending length. In the process of bending the reinforcing edge, the bending shaft is held by the bending key. Then press the pedal, so that the bending wheel will rotate according to the desired angle and bending. The bender bar can easily adjust the bending angle of the reinforcement.

In practice, the bender bar has a reinforcing iron bending limit with a maximum diameter of 32 mm. When using it you need to pay attention to the conditions and conditions around it. Surely there will be many other workers in the field. With the placement of the bending location brought closer to the generator set, making the area rather dangerous if not careful when passing the bender Bar area.

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